WSDM 2009

In February I went to the Second ACM Iternational Conference on Web Search and Data Mining organized at the Yahoo! research center in Barcelona. We had a paper on "A hybrid approach to item recommendation in folksonomies" at the Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval.

Being my first conference, I was quite happy not to do the presentation and only listening in on the talks. Frankly, I found the workshop day to be better than the two conference days I attended. WSDM is a quite broad conference, thus many of the presentations, although interesting, were somewhat irrelevant for me.

The workshop on the other hand was very rewarding, even thought the topics covered where quite heterogenous, there was a common line through all of the presentations and a very interesting break-out session at the of the workshop.

This being my first conference, I was quite happy when our paper was awarded the price for "Best Technical Paper" at the workshop, sure, it wasn't the main event, but felt quite good anyhow.


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