Earlier today we got the acceptance notification of our workshop on Context-aware Retrieval and Recommendation which we will be organizing at next years (2011) Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) conference which will be held at Stanford University in February next year.

This workshop is somewhat related to our current one, the Challenge on Context-aware Movie Recommendation at this years RecSys conference. I've written about the challenge before here and here.

This time the topic is a bit more general, not only focusing particular datasets, but rather a more general approach to the context concept.

We're co-organizing the workshop with Matthias Böhmer from TU-Münster and Florian Michahelles from ETHZ who have been working with location based contexts, giving the workshop the needed contextual broadness as we've mostly been working with "abstract" contexts (mood, time, etc).

The questions we're aiming at for the workshop are

  • What is context?
  • Is context-awareness in retrieval and recommendation necessary?
  • Which benefits come from context-aware retrieval and recommendation systems?
  • How do user interfaces handle context?
  • In what ways can context improve HCI?
  • How can we combine general- and user-centric context-aware technologies?
  • How should context affect the way information is presented?

which will hopefully attract authors to submit their work to the workshop.


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