I'm currently preparing myself for two weeks of Catalan sun, first in Girona for UMAP2011 and then another week in Barcelona for IJCAI2011. Not having been to either of these conferences before, I am (needless to say) quite excited.

At UMAP I will be presenting a poster evaluating how certain demographic data affects recommendation in a movie recommendation scenario (using Moviepilot data). At IJCAI I will be participating in the ITWP workshop and give a presentation of how different social (and pseudo-social) networks affect recommendation, in the same scenario as in the UMAP poster.

Strictly speaking, both approaches deal with comparisons of user- or interaction-specific data by changing the neighborhood (k-NN) by increasing the similarity of those in ones network (ITWP paper), or are in the same demographic group (UMAP paper).

I'll try to post a summary of each conference afterwards.


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