I've recently noticed a significant increase in visitors finding they're way here by googling for the filmtipset dataset, so I thought I'd post a descriptive text for those of you looking for it.

Sadly I must inform that the Filmtipset dataset is NOT available for download, nor has it ever been (more or less). Fimtipset have never offered their dataset for download.

I did however get in touch with them asking for it and was given an anonymized dump. A subset of this was then subsequently used for one of the tracks at CAMRa2010 (after getting permission for this from Filmtipset). This dataset was only available during a short time, and only to those who participated in the challenge.

If you're looking for the dataset, your best option is to contact someone at Filmtipset directly and ask nicely for it. I do, however, not know whether or not you will be granted it.

Other movie related datasets are evailable elsewhere, the most common being the ones from movielens offered by GroupLens. There is also the Netflix Prize dataset, which is no longer available for download from the original source, but you will surely find it if you really look for it.

Non-movie related datasets that we offer are available here.


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