My research focuses on understanding how people interact with information in onliny systems. Broadly, the topics I have researched include recommender systems, information systems, user modelling and personalization. Specific focuses have been on

  • Evaluation: what it is that people expect from intelligent systems
  • Reproducibility: how can we recreate the results that others have attained
  • Context: how relevance changes depending on the situation in which a person uses the system
  • Health: how can intelligent information systems be used to help people lead healthier lives


  • BIDAF: A smarter society through Big Data analytics
  • RiVal: Open Source recommender systems evaluation toolkit
  • CrowdRec: Crowd-powered recommendation for continuous digital media access and exchange in social networks. FP7.
  • KMuLE: Context-based Movie Recommendation
  • Decision Cockpit: Quantitative Real-Time Organizational IT Risk Management
  • SPREE: Community-Based Information Exchange Network

Invited talks (selected)

  • Comparative Benchmarking of Information Access and Retrieval Systems. Software Engineering Seminar, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2016.
  • User Interaction and Context in Information Systems. Interaction Design Seminar, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2016.
  • Multilingual Topic Classification with LDA. CIM Workshop on Machine Learning, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2015.
  • Multimedia Recommender Systems. Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014.
  • Evaluating Recommender Systems. SICS, Sweden, 2014.
  • Context-aware Evaluation of Recommender Systems. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2013.