As the headline says, the Wiki for all things RecSys, a.k.a. the RecSysWiki is moving, and in the process becoming the "official" wiki of the ACM RecSys community.

If you are a user of the website it will most likely not have any affect on you, apart from the fact the pages will be served from ACM's servers instead of my private web space.

Technically, we'll be migrating all content from the servers at NearlyFreeSpeech (which coincidentally also serves this page) and moving it to the new and shiny ACM RecSys community page. The URL will remain, additionally the wiki will be accessible on

You will also note that the look-and-feel of the wiki will be adapted to the look-and-feel of the RecSys community website in order to show that the pages are related. This step is already done, the actual website migration will be done shortly.

As far as we have been able to see, the terms and licences for hosting pages at ACM will be in line with the CC BY-SA 3.0 license that content on RecSysWiki is published on. If you are a contributor to the wiki you do have the chance to revert your contributions should you choose so, obviously we'd rather see that you don't and instead continue contributing to building an even better resource of recommender systems-related material.



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