It's been official for a couple of days now, we got our workshop proposal for RecSys 2010 accepted.

The idea is to have a context-aware movie recommendation challenge. The challenge will be held as  joint event with the Context-aware Recommender Systems workshop,which was held for the first time at last years' RecSys. We're co-orinating the event currently, but what's sure is that it's a two day event, one for the workshop part (CARS), and one for the challenge part (CAMRa).

For the challenge we will be releasing two real-world datasets from two different movie recommendation websites, both containing a different set of features. The idea is for the participants to predict recommendations for different periods of time, for different users. The full set of details about the dataset, the challenge and all things relate will be posted on the challenge website. It's still very much under construction, but will be updated on a (more or less) daily basis for the next couple of weeks.


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