I'm currently at the 2010 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces in Hong Kong. We're halfway through the programme, having heard sessions on Access/Brain Interfaces, Smart Reading, Intelligent Agents, Mobile Interaction and the workshops (Intelligent Visual Interfaces for Text Analysis, Multimodal Interfaces for Automotive Applications, Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems, Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine Interaction, Social Recommender Systems and User Data Interoperability in the Social Web + Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web).

I must admit I have been surprised of how many of the papers have been related to issues I did not consider be part of this field. Mainly the number of papers related to recommender systems (in one way or another). The most interesting this far being Personalized News Recommendation Based on Click Behavior presented by Google's Peter Dolan, Aspect-level News Browsing: Understanding News Events from Multiple Viewpoints by Souneil Park from KAST and Tell Me More, not just More of the Same by Francisco Iacobelli from Northwester U.

The first one being especially interesting as it gave some insights in how Google News copes with the issues they face (huge amounts of users, how interests change over time).

As usual there's an interesting twitterfeed concerning the conference and the presentations, three of the main contributers being Ed Chi (PARC), Barry Smyth (UC Dublin) and Tom Heath (Talis).

Tonight is definitely going to be interesting as it's the evening of the poster and demo sessions as well as the conference banquet. Having seen one of the minute madness sessions introducing the demos I'm looking forward to more insight on some of the papers that caught my eye (food recommenders among others, by CSIRO).

[Post conference update]

IUI2010 is over and was far better and more interesting that what I had expected.

For an in-depth look into what IUI2010 was all about I refer you to Ian Osvald's recap of the event. Those interested in the post-talks activities can have a look at Peter Dolan's pictures.

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