The European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD) took place in Bled in Slovenia and I had the opportunity to be there.
Actually the poster-paper we had was at the Discovery Challenge held in conjunction with the conference.


The conference itself was quite big (just below 500 registered participants if I remember things correctly). I spent most of my time going to the text mining sessions and saw some really interesting papers (even though this is not really my field). One of the most interesting ones I got to see was Cohen's paper One Graph is Worth a Thousand Logs: Uncovering Hidden Structures in Massive System Event Logs describing how to store, work with and analyze massive data logs (the talk, by Gilad Barash, is available at

The industrial track turned out to be the session I found most interesting, especially eBay's Neel Sundaresan's talk on the search and recommendation problems they face (i.e. how relevant, but poorly described, items that end up in the long tail should be analyzed and how to find them).
The whole track (and pretty much the rest of the conference) can be found on

The conference surroundings were astonishing, Bled and the scenic nature surrounding it were breathtaking. We spent some time exploring the surrounding mountains, lakes and waterfalls.


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