I am a Senior Lecturer at University of Skövde in Skövde, Sweden, where I am a member of the Skövde Artificial Intelligence Lab. My research interests are in the general area of Information Systems, i.e. recommender systems, personalization, information retrieval, and user modeling.


Dr. Alan Said is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Skövde and a member of the university's Artificial Intelligence research group. He holds a PhD from the Technishe Universität Berlin. Prior to joining to joining the University of Skövde, Dr. Said has held various positions in industry and academia. He was a machine learning engineer 2014-2016 working on application of state of the art machine learning in a large scale production setting at Recorded Future. He was Senior Researcher (2014) working on recommender systems and evaluation in the Multimedia Computing research group at Delft University of Technology. He was awarded an MSCA Alain Bensoussan ERCIM Fellowship at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (2013-2014) for work on evaluation of recommender and personalization systems. Alan's research spans the fields of user modeling, personalization, recommender systems, evaluation, and reproducibility. He has worked in these fields in various national and international projects as researcher, leader, manager, PI, and proposal writer. He has published over 70 scientific works in top journals, confererences, workshops, and books. He has been nominated for and awarded several Best Paper and Poster awards for his research. Alan frequently serves on Program and Organization committees of top venues and journal such as ACM RecSys, WWW, ACM CIKM, ACM UMAP, ACM IUI, UMUAI, TWeb, TKDD, etc. He is General Co-Chair of ACM RecSys 2019.


  • [2017-12] New post on "More than a decade of RecSys".
  • [2017-08] Supplementary website and slides for "Tools and Replication of Recommender Systems Research" now available.
  • [2017-06] Together with Alejandro Bellogín, I will give a tutoral on "Tools and Replication of Recommender Systems Research" at the ACM Summer School on Recommender Systems in August.
  • [2017-05] Paper on "User Nutrition Modelling and Recommendation - Balancing Simplicity and Complexity" with H. Schaefer, M. Elahi, D. Elsweiler, G. Groh, M. Harvey, B. Ludwig, F. Ricci accepted at ACM UMAP 2017.
  • [2017-04] Paper on "Towards Health (Aware) Recommender Systems" with H. Schaefer, S. Hors-Fraile, R. Karumur, A. Calero Valdez, H. Torkamaan, T. Ulmer, C. Trattner accepted at ACM Digital Health 2017.
  • [2017-03] Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Scenarios accepted at ACM RecSys 2017.
  • [2017-03] Workshop on Health Recommender Systems accepted at ACM RecSys 2017.
  • [2017-03] Attending workshop on nutitrition and health aware recommender systems in Regensburg, Germany.
  • [2017-02] Workshop on Surprise, Opposition, and Obstruction in Adaptive and Personalized Systems accepted at ACM UMAP 2017.
  • [2017-01] Teaching IT721A - Data Mining, A1F this term.
  • [2016-12] Co-editing (with Vicenc Torra) book on "Data Science in Practice" (Springer).